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Sustainable waxing

Plastic waste and pollutants? No thanks! Our top priority is that you feel relaxed and safe during your waxing session. That’s why everything is as smooth as possible when it comes to sustainability – with a skin-friendly method without fleece strips, vegan, universally compatible wax, conscious avoidance of unnecessary ingredients and chemical pollutants, and active avoidance of disposable waste.

Reusable instead of disposable

In our studios, we use reusable silicone cups for the wax – an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional paper cups or even plastic cartridges. Hygienically safe, free of harmful substances and plasticisers, resistant and long-lasting. They can be filled individually for each customer and then easily cleaned and disinfected. This saves us up to 3 tonnes of unnecessary disposable waste per year!

Sustainable and hygienic

Unhygienic wax cartridges and disposable fleece strips do not exist with us. The waxing station specially developed for WAX IN THE CITY allows the amount of wax to be taken individually for each treatment. Hygienically absolutely risk-free and also energy-efficient because the closed system keeps the temperature constant instead of reheating the wax for each treatment.

Nothing in it that skin doesn't like

Our PURE PERFORMANCE high-performance wax not only stands for superior depilatory performance, but also for an ecologically clean conscience: It is 100% vegan, guaranteed to be developed without animal testing and as gentle on the skin as it can be. The name PURE says it all: The carefully selected formula does not contain any harmful and aggressive additives such as fragrances and dyes, preservatives and resins, and is therefore highly compatible even for sensitive skin. Due to its low consumption, it causes significantly less waste than comparable products.