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Wake your skin
from hibernation

Get your wax appeal!

From your underarms to your private parts. For “her” and for “him”. The WAXING method we developed is probably gentler and more effective than any other hair removal method. It keeps your body hair free for much longer than shaving or plucking. The results stand up to scrutiny. So long, shaver! Hello, new sensational body feeling!






All Waxings at a glance

For a detailed price list, please visit the studio page.



We trim and neaten the natural eyebrow shape, including the area between the eyes; on request, we also neaten the area above the eyebrows.
Detailed rates are listed on the relevant studio page – go to Studiofinder.

Eyebrow shaping

After consulting with the client, we create a new eyebrow shape and neaten it – our depiladora will provide advice every step of the way.


This waxing makes it easy to get rid of unwanted hairs in the mouth, jaw and throat area.


This waxing removes unsightly hairs from inside and from the bridge of the nose. The useful hairs (filtering function) deeper inside the nose remain unaffected.

Upper lip

Waxing of the nose-to-upper lip area (up to approx. 0.5 cm from the corners of the mouth).


This waxing removes unsightly hairs from the outer ear and tragus, not from the ear aperture itself.


We wax the entire area between cheekbone and lower jaw, including the sideburns.


Arms, complete

This complete arm waxing gives you silky soft skin from the wrist all the way to the shoulder. The backs of the hands and the shoulders will be included on request.

Arms, upper

Upper-arm waxing from the elbows all the way to the shoulders – we’ll be happy to include the elbows and shoulders on request.

Legs, complete

This complete leg waxing gives you velvety soft skin all the way up your thighs to where your legs meet. Waxing of the arches of the feet and the big toes will be included on request.

Legs, upper thighs

This waxing gives you smooth skin from your knees all the way up your thighs.

Legs, calves

Removal of all hair on the calves from the knees down (on request, including the arches of the feet and the big toes).


Removal of all hair from the so-called T-shirt line on the shoulders all the way down to midbody.


Hair-free fingers all the way from the base joints.


This waxing promises velvety soft skin for the throat area, from the lower jaw all the way to the clavicles.


This waxing gives you smooth skin on your neck, all the way to the upper back.


This waxing covers the area from the lower back all the way to the fold of the thigh – for smooth buttocks without unsightly hair.

Buttocks (1/2)

This waxing covers a horizontal half of the buttocks – in a direction of the client’s choice.

Cleft of the buttocks

This waxing removes the hair from the area between the buttocks.

Back (lumbar region)

For this waxing, the depiladora removes all hair from the lumbar area to midbody.


This waxing gives you silky soft skin from the lower neck all the way down the back to where the buttocks start.

Shoulder belt

This waxing includes the front and rear shoulder belt areas.


We wax all toes up to their base joints.


Bikini line

Removal of all hair from the sides of the groin area for a well-groomed look in a bikini. This waxing does not remove any hair from the labia or the cleft of the buttocks.

Bikini line, thong

Removal of all hair from the sides of the groin area, plus 2 centimeters from the top of the pubic mound. This waxing does not remove any hair from the labia or the cleft of the buttocks.

Bikini line, strip

This waxing leaves a wide strip of hair on the pubic mound. Again, this waxing does not remove any hair from the labia or the cleft of the buttocks.

Brazilian Hollywood Cut (incl. buttocks strip)

Removal of all hair from the genital area. The cleft of the buttocks is included.

Brazilian Landing Strip (incl. buttocks strip)

This waxing leaves a strip of hair on the pubic mound. All other hair is removed. The cleft of the buttocks is included.

Brazilian Special (incl. buttocks strip)

This waxing leaves hair shaped in a desired on the pubic mound (e.g. a heart or lightning flash). All other hair is removed. The cleft of the buttocks is also included.

Brazilian Triangle (incl. buttocks strip)

This waxing leaves hair shaped in a triangle pubic mound. All other hair is removed. The cleft of the buttocks is included.

Brazilian Hollywood Man (excl. buttocks strip)

The Brazilian Hollywood Man involves the removal of all hair from the penis shaft and scrotum, including the areas above and beside the scrotum.

Brazilian Man (excl. buttocks strip)

The Brazilian Man involves the removal of all hair from the entire pubic area and penis while leaving the hair on the scrotum.


PURE Performance wax

The best wax for hair removal

Our self-developed PURE Performance wax offers gentle, thorough and long-lasting hair removal without fleece strips. Free from colorants, preservatives, parabens, rosin and silicones, it is even suitable for sensitive skin. 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Experience a pain-free waxing experience of the highest quality.

Find out more.


The dos and don'ts of waxing


The best waxing preparation is peeling your skin before you get waxed (e.g. with a loofa or our Body Scrub).

Let your skin calm down before waxing! Avoid extensive sunbathing or solariums 24 hours before you get waxed to protect your skin from irritation.

To get the best waxing result, you should not use greasy body lotions or oily skincare products before waxing as they decrease the effectiveness of the wax.


Our specially formulated, pure and natural bodycare products are ultra-gentle on your waxed skin. Use the products to enjoy that unique smooth and silky feeling for a long time.

Calm down your skin after waxing to achieve perfect waxing results.
Don’t use irritating cosmetics and avoid extreme perspiration (e.g. sauna…) or intense UV light (e.g. solarium …).

Start on a regular peeling regimen three days after waxing – use either a loofa or our Body Scrub. That’s the perfect way to avoid ingrown hair.

Good to know



How do I use the walk-in service?

All WAX IN THE CITY studios use our no appointment walk-in service. So, you don’t need to make an appointment for your waxing treatment. Just walk in when it’s best for you (but some time before we close). Our studios use custom software that updates your wait time nonstop to ensure the service works seamlessly. It’s up to you if you want to wait or not.

You can also register in person in the studio first and then go shopping or grab a cuppa if you need to wait. All clients are always treated in the order of their appearance, on a first come, first serve basis. This is the only way to ensure the service is fair for everyone.
We most commonly deliver on our WAXING-WITHOUT-APPOINTMENT promise: walk in at the spur of the moment instead of having to wait days or even weeks for an appointment.

And, there’s an even smarter way to your treatment: check our custom Q app to see how busy the studios are and book your next free slot. You’ll be informed about the time you must show up in the studio via APP and able to enjoy the time left until the treatment. We offer our waxing app for free.

How long should my hair be to wax effectively?

For best waxing results, your hair should be at least 4 mm (1/8”) long but no longer than 2 cm (7/8”).

Can I get a waxing session if my hair is only 2 mm (1/16”)?

Theoretically yes, but there’s not much point to it! The reason is that each hair passes through phases in which it grows faster or slower, and they aren’t synchronized. While some hair has grown to a length of 2 mm (1/16”), others are still out of sight under the skin and cannot be grabbed and removed by the wax – so they start rearing their heads within days. All hair should be above the skin surface to achieve perfect and long waxing results. That moment is usually when they have an average length of 4 mm (1/8”).

I don’t need to do waxings in the winter, right?

No, you don’t. But, you should. Firstly, because regular waxing makes your body hair get finer and sparser. Secondly, because it’s just as nice to feel totally good in your silky-smooth skin in the colder time of the year. In the sauna, the gym, if you’re wearing that sexy little black skirt at parties, when you have intimate moments with that special someone… or simply for yourself.

When shouldn’t I get waxed?

To be on the safe side, it’s best to wait if your skin is irritated, reddened or injured.


What kind of wax do you use?

After several years of research and development we are proud to offer our clients a wax that combines hair removal performance, sustainability and universal tolerability on unprecedented level. PURE Premium Performance Wax is a low temperature wax with a very creamy, skin-friendly consistency. It is dermatologically tested, 100% vegan and skin-friendly and developed without animal testing. Besides that, the wax removes fine and short hair perfectly, ensuring even smoother results.

How long does the waxing last?

Depending on the hair removal method you’ve been using, you’ll enjoy the results up to a month. Ultimately, however, your rate of hair growth is the crucial factor.

Does waxing hurt?

Applying and removing our PURE wax is very pleasant. We are also proud of our qualified waxperts, the best in their profession.

Will my hair change from being treated with hot wax?

When waxing is done correctly, your hair is removed down to the roots. The hair that grows back is usually finer and sparser, and over time the hair density declines in areas that are regularly treated with hot wax.

Can waxing cause skin reactions?

Light redness after waxing is a usual reaction of the skin, as hair is removed down to the roots, widening the pores and follicles. The skin gets used to it with regular waxing. Our PURE wax ensures gentle waxing, even if your skin is ultra-sensitive. The wax doesn’t react with the skin and is not absorbed by the skin, making it extremely tolerable.


Can pregnant women get waxings?

Of course, they can. There is no problem at all. Especially, when you’re pregnant, it’s important for you to feel good in your skin.

Is my piercing an obstacle for waxing?

It’s basically possible to get a waxing even if you’re pierced. But it depends on the kind of piercing and the type of waxing you want. We love to answer this question when you come to visit us in the studio.

What age is appropriate for waxing?

Most of our waxings are for clients from 12 years of age. Brazilian waxings are available to clients who are 16 years and older. Some of our studios offer an attractive 20% teen discount. Important note: if you are a minor, please bring a consent form signed by your parents when you first visit WAX IN THE CITY.

The following rule applies: teens aged 12 to 16 are allowed to do all waxings except Brazilian waxings, provided they bring along the consent form signed by their parents or have their parents sign the form at the reception. Teens who are 16 years and older need their parents to sign the following consent form for Brazilian waxings. If you are above 16 years old, you can get all other waxings without your parents’ consent. Prices for teen waxings are listed on the page of the studios that provide the service. The consent form is available on the studio page as well.


What causes ingrown hair and what can I do to avoid it?

Excess accumulation of dead skin cells is clogging the hair follicle. Growing hair cannot penetrate the outer dermal layer and instead curls back into the skin surface. The best way to prevent ingrown hair is a regular body peel or scrub with a loofa. The peeling removes dead skin cells, opens clogged pores and stimulates circulation. You should also avoid excess use of fatty body creams.

WAX IN THE CITY has collaborated with cosmetic experts and formulated a special serum against ingrown hair which reduces and even prevents hair from growing. Click here for information about recommended products and our bodycare products.

When and how often should I get a body peeling?

Regular peelings ensure that you not only get rid of the dead skin cells and avoid ingrown hair, but also stimulate the blood circulation of your skin. For best results, use a loofa (available in all studios) or one of our special peeling products (available in all studios and our online shop). Wait at least three days after your waxing before you peel your skin gently. We recommend not to peel your skin every day to avoid damaging the natural acid mantle of your skin.


What exactly is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing is the professional removal of body hair with hot wax in the intimate area. WAX IN THE CITY offers various shapes and styles for women:

Brazilian Hollywood Cut: all hair is removed from the intimate area.

Brazilian Landing Strip: a narrow strip of hair is left on the pubic mound. All other hair is removed.

Brazilian Triangle: leaves hair shaped in a triangle pubic mound.

Brazilian Special: leaves hair shaped in a desired form on the pubic mound (e.g. a heart).

WAX IN THE CITY intimate waxings for men:

Brazilian Hollywood Man: removal of all hair

Brazilian Man: removal of all or part of the pubic hair.

Does Brazilian Waxing include the buttocks?

Yes and no. Our prices for Brazilian waxings for women include the buttocks. Men will have to pay an additional price for removing the buttocks hair.

Does the Full Legs waxing treatment include the bikini zone?

No, the bikini zone is not included in the Full Legs waxing treatment.


How can I open my own WAX IN THE CITY studio?

It’s easier than you think! WAX IN THE CITY is a modern franchise company in the beauty industry with a business concept that has been successful for years. We welcome passionate newcomers and anyone who has already gained experience in the cosmetics and beauty industry. If you wish to start your own waxing business, you can choose between two easy franchise concept models and rely on our consistent 360-degree support. Sounds interesting? Click here for more valuable information on how to become a WAX IN THE CITY franchisee and run your own business.


How do I buy and redeem waxing vouchers?

Waxing vouchers are available from us in a practical gift card format. With a freely selectable amount, you can give the gift of a sensational body sensation with our voucher. And it’s really convenient! You can order the voucher directly in our online store or buy it in any WAX IN THE CITY studio.

The vouchers can be redeemed in all WAX IN THE CITY studios. Please note, however, that only vouchers issued in the currency of the studio in question will be accepted in any WAX IN THE CITY studio. The value of the voucher can be redeemed in the studio for waxing treatments or WAX IN THE CITY products. Partial redemption is also possible: the amount to be paid is then simply debited from the voucher card. The remaining amount stored on the card can then be redeemed by the voucher holder on their next visit to the studio. The voucher card can also be recharged on request. As a general rule, the card becomes invalid after the statutory limitation period has expired. The card will not be replaced in the event of loss or theft. The card is anonymous and transferable. Cash payment is not possible.

How does the waxing card work?

You collect points by having a waxing treatment carried out or by purchasing a product in the studio. The points are credited to your digital waxing card. As soon as you have collected a sufficient number of points, you can redeem them for the desired free treatment or for a product of your choice in a Wax in the City studio. You can find out more about the Digital Waxing Cards under Services / Digital Waxing Card.