Your smart bonus card

Your reward for every studio visit
Collect valuable bonus points on your digital waxing card for each treatment or when you buy a product in the studio. Once you’ve collected enough points for your favorite treatment or the product you love, you can redeem your bonus points.

It's that easy

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Step 1: Activate your card in the Q-APP

It’s very simple! Just download our Q-APP – unless you have it already – and activate the waxing card included in the app.

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Step 2: Collect bonus points in the studio

Get your waxing treatment or pamper yourself with a care product in the studio to immediately get valuable bonus points which are automatically credited to your digital waxing card.

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Step 3: Extra waxing or extra product at no extra cost

Once you have collected enough bonus points, we reward your loyalty by giving you a free treatment or product of your choice.



What exactly is the waxing card?

The waxing card is WAX IN THE CITY’s free bonus program. You can activate your personal waxing card in our Q-APP and use it easily on your smartphone either directly for checking in online or when you book your treatment in the studio personally or buy a product. Both options are provided by all participating studios.

How does the waxing card work?

Access your digital waxing card by clicking on your Q profile and then on “waxing card”. After that, just click “activate” to accept the conditions of participation. Your personal waxing card is ready for use!

How do I collect waxing points?

You earn your waxing points by having a treatment or purchasing a product in the studio. Once you have activated your waxing card in the Q-APP and check in online, your bonus points are automatically credited to your card within 24 hours. When you visit a WAX IN THE CITY studio without checking in online, show your smartphone with your unique waxing card number before your treatment – or before paying for your product – at the front desk.
Combining bonus points is currency-dependent, i.e., all points earned for a treatment or for buying a product refer to the relevant currency. You can have an account for collecting points in several currencies. Combining the bonus points from the various accounts is not possible.

How many waxing card points do I get?

If you enjoy treatments or buy a product in the studio, you will earn one bonus point for every Euro*.
*Currency adjusted for each country

When are bonus points credited to my waxing card?

The bonus points are usually credited to your waxing card within 24 hours. If your bonus points are not credited after your successful purchase, please contact us anytime by email at

If you cancel your purchase, the bonus points collected will be deleted from your card.

Where can I check my bonus point balance?

All waxing card transactions of the last 12 months are listed in your personal Q-APP profile. Your bonus points for each currency are displayed on the list. WAX IN THE CITY securely maintains your data to ensure that no third party has access to your data.

Please note that the bonus points balance reflects the points at the date stated. All bonus points collected after that date will be listed later.

Can I collect bonus points for shopping online?

Unfortunately, you can’t collect bonus points when you buy products in our online shop.

Do I always have to show my waxing card on my smartphone at the front desk?

If you have not checked in via Q-APP, you need to show your waxing card on your smartphone when you register at the studio to collect your bonus points.

When can I redeem points?

Anytime after you have collected enough points for your free treatment or product.

How can I redeem my waxing card points?

You can redeem the bonus points credited to your waxing card immediately after a treatment. Additionally, you are welcome to redeem your bonus points when you buy a product. The number of bonus points you need for a free treatment or a free product of your choice is stated on the websites of the individual studio.

Where can I redeem my waxing card points?

In all participating studios.

From what age can I participate in the waxing card program?

You must be 16 years to activate the waxing card.

Can I collect bonus points without having a waxing card?

You cannot earn bonus points without activating your digital waxing card.

Can I claim several discounts when redeeming bonus points?

Whether you can redeem other discounts when making a purchase depends on whether these discounts can be combined with each other or not.

How can I unsubscribe from the waxing card program and what will happen to my bonus points?

If you no longer wish to participate in the waxing card program, please send an email to

Please note: your bonus points will be irrevocably deleted after you terminate your participation.

Can I redeem some of my bonus points and pay for the rest of the treatment or product?

Once you have collected the bonus points required for your favorite treatment or product of your choice, you can redeem the bonus points. It’s not possible to redeem just some of the bonus points for a treatment or product.

Where can I read the conditions of participation?

The conditions of participation are available here.

Where can I access data privacy information?

Protecting your data is extremely important to us. All relevant data privacy information is available here.

I have questions or feedback. Who can I contact?

We are happy to provide information about our waxing card. Just send an email to


What are the benefits of the digital waxing card?

You can use your digital waxing card to collect valuable bonus points in all participating studios. Your history provides information about when you last visited WAX IN THE CITY. Paper is a thing of the past – you don’t have to think about taking your waxing card with you because it’s right with you on your smartphone.

I already own an analog waxing card, what will change for me?

You can now have your bonus points on the physical waxing card transferred to your activated digital waxing card in your studio.

I don’t want a digital waxing card, can I continue to collect waxing card points with my analog card?

Bonus points cannot be collected without activating the digital waxing card. As soon as you have collected all 12 bonus points on your previous waxing card, you can redeem them once in your personal WAX IN THE CITY studio. Afterwards, you can access the digital waxing card in our Q-APP.

How many bonus points will I get when I replace the analog waxing card?

€25 points for one point on the analog card

CHF 50 points for one point on the analog card

HUF 5000 points for one point on the analog card

CZK 550 points for one point on the analog card