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Walk-in waxing

Just walk in. And leave without unwanted body hair. We know you have better things to do than wait. Just drop in anytime or check our Q waxing app to see how busy we are and book the next available slot. That’s our unique service.
Pretty easy, right? Why don’t you download your free app right away?

How it works

online check-in
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See how busy the studio is at any time

The app shows you exactly which WAX IN THE CITY studio is currently busy and how busy it is. You will also always see the closest studio where you can check in online first. You can also choose your personal favorite studios, which will always be displayed first.

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Check in for your waxing from anywhere

Select your waxing and book your next free slot in the studio of your choice. Spontaneous and easy. No need to schedule appointments in advance. Just check in in realtime whenever it suits you best.

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Arrive at the studio in time for your treatment

Once you’ve checked in via app, you will immediately receive your personal confirmation. We ask you to arrive within the time displayed. Usually, you have to wait a couple of minutes before your treatment starts.

Any more questions?


How do I install the app?

Download the Q app for free from the App Store (IOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Simply access the store from your smartphone and enter the keywords “Q waxing app” or “Q wax check in” in the search box. After installing the app, register via email, Facebook or Google and create your personal account which you use for your online check-in.

When do I need to arrive at the studio?

The projected wait time may vary slightly, depending on the shorter or longer duration of the preceding client’s treatment. You are requested to allow for some lead time: you should always be at the studio at least 10 minutes ahead of the displayed time to be sure not to miss your slot.
Because even with the app, our concept remains flexible, i.e. the displayed slot is not an appointment but an estimated time so that some delays may occur.

Can I delete my online check-in as a client?

Yes, sure. If you push the “cancel” button right in the app you can cancel your check-in anytime.

The displayed wait period has changed while I did the booking. Why?

The wait period is always calculated in realtime. What probably happened is that a treatment in the studio took less time than scheduled or a client booked a date shortly before you (before your booking has been completed). In this case, the wait time displayed in the live app will update automatically.

How often is the wait time updated?

The wait time in the app is updated every minute. All clients are kept informed about how busy the studio is at any given time. However, your smartphone must be connected to the internet. In the subway, e.g. reception can be interrupted, and updates are not possible. As soon as the internet signal is strong again, the wait time is automatically updated.

What if I am too late for my slot?

It is best to show up at the studio a bit ahead of your slot. Otherwise, a client who is already in the studio before you will get the slot. You will then join the wait list for the next available slot and must wait in the studio. So, you better get there ahead of time! If we need to postpone your slot several times, we will cancel it.

If I check in at 0 minutes wait time and head to the studio, will I be treated immediately?

No, 0 minutes wait time means that you don’t have to wait right now. We recommend that you come to the studio straight away (if you are nearby) and check in at the reception. If you check in online at 0 minutes wait time, our studio experts will not wait for you or treat you immediately if you arrive later. If another client checks in at the studio in the meantime, this client will be admitted first, and your treatment will be postponed. You are on the wait list for the time being, but may have to wait in the studio a little longer. If we need postpone your slot several times, we will cancel it.

Why is online check-in sometimes not possible?

For several reasons: many clients may be waiting in our wait management system which means that no more appointments are accepted during opening hours. Besides, we cannot avoid technical problems a hundred percent and ask you to be patient.

What happens if I have accidently chosen the wrong waxings?

That’s no problem, you can have a different waxing when you are in the studio. You don’t need to cancel your booking.

Can I check in friends with my login?

No, that doesn’t work. Logins are personalized and cannot be transferred. Do recommend our app to friends and family though. Thanks a lot!

Can I check in in the morning for an afternoon slot?

No, we will continue to offer our walk-in service. Booking is always live for the next available slot.
WAX IN THE CITY is a firm believer in its flexibility model because it ensures maximum spontaneity for our clients. It’s not possible to make appointments. The big advantage of checking in via app: you will check in for the next available slot without having to visit the studio. This makes our walk-in service even more convenient for you.

Why is access to photos & media required during download in the Google Play Store?

No worries – our Q app won’t access your photos or media on your smartphone. However, Android users will be asked for permission when downloading the app. The reason: third-party software modules provide certain app features. These modules have predefined authorizations which are not even used in the app. That’s exactly the case here: we don’t use the image and file sharing feature but must ask for authorization because the app couldn’t otherwise be installed. We hope you understand this procedure. If you have any data protection question, please contact us: datenschutz@wax-in-the-city.com

How can I delete my account?

To permanently delete your data, simply click on “Delete account” under “My profile” in the app.